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Investing in trade shows is no small feat for businesses. The cost of floor space is significant, and brands aim to maximise their return on investment. With limited space to capture the attention of thousands of attendees, every inch must be utilised effectively.


While staffing your booth with your most engaging sales representatives is crucial, the setup also includes tables, banners, signage, and brand collateral. This is your golden opportunity to present your brand, showcase its values, and demonstrate what you offer to a captivated audience.


The design, layout, and execution of your trade show presence typically require months of planning. However, neglecting to incorporate video content in your booth is a huge oversight.


Visual cues account for seven-eighths of our knowledge, compellingly making video the most effective medium to convey your brand's value proposition, key differentiators, and social proof.


Preparation is Key

Some essential truths must be acknowledged during the planning phase of your video content before the trade show begins.

The most critical factor is the brief window you have to make an impression—sometimes as little as five seconds for attendees passing by.


Forget about relying on audio, music, or voiceovers. Trade show floors are noisy, crowded, and packed with branding and messaging, which can easily lead to sensory overload.


To capture your target audience's attention, videos must be short, eye-catching, impactful, and branded. Captions should be concise, clear, and easily readable.

Every piece of footage should be edited into a concise clip that highlights your brand's value proposition amidst a sea of competitors.


Creating a Sensory Experience with Video

Trade shows, conventions, and expos are typically crowded with exhibitors, each competing for attendees' attention.


How do you create a sensory experience that draws people in and makes them want to learn more about your brand? To quote Admiral William F. "Bull" Halsey, a top naval commander in WWII: "Hit Hard! Hit Fast! And Hit Often!"


First, grab their attention before showcasing your product or service in a way that piques curiosity and encourages interaction.


The initial seconds of your video content should feature strong, clear graphics and high-energy clips and edits that excite, attract, and engage, followed by a call to action. Well-crafted videos, no longer than one to three minutes, played on a continuous loop, are highly effective. It's also beneficial to strategically position multiple video displays to draw attention from various angles.


If you're selling a product, create videos that go beyond mere product placement. Show the product in action, demonstrating its capabilities with clear captions explaining its value proposition.


If you're selling a service, develop a brief but impactful montage that illustrates the service process. Use storytelling and visual cues to highlight the customer journey when using your service.


Shoot Onsite

A well-crafted video tailored for the trade show audience can give you a significant edge over the competition. But your commitment to video shouldn't end before the trade show begins.


Consider filming raw video and scenes directly on the convention floor. Any footage captured during the event can be invaluable later.


Brands with ample on-site content can distil these videos into a montage or "sizzle reel," which can be repurposed for follow-up opportunities via email, your website, future blogs, or social media posts. Nothing tells a brand story better than showcasing your sales efforts in action.


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