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Focusing primarily on the automotive lifestyle industry, Media Scrum has partnered with an impressive series of events, brand ambassadors, podcast and youtube channels to develop an enviable roster of complementary assets to take to market.

Founded by industry heavyweights Matt Rice, ex Bauer Media and Trent Dyball, the bloke behind ManBrands, the team at Media Scrum brings more than 40 years of sales and sponsorship acquisition experience to the table. The duo has a set of complementary skills that provides them with a unique perspective when applied to sponsorship acquisition and brand ambassador management.


Over the years, the Media Scrum team has had the opportunity to review countless sponsorship proposals, and every time they were always shocked to find how little detail they provided. For the most part, they discovered that brands would just throw money at events and sponsorship deals without having a clear understanding of exactly what they would receive for their investment.


To assist brands to measure ROI on sponsorships, the team at Media Scrum apply the lessons learned from decades of media buying media to sponsorship sales.

This unique process also provides real benefits for event promotors. The team at Media Scrum works with event promotors to build a sponsorship asset register that is delivering a new benchmark for sponsor engagement and acquisition.

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