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Across four days in January, more than 132,000 spectators thronged to Exhibition Park, drawn by the promise of Australia’s biggest gathering of Street Machines, electrifying live performances, and a massive selection of quality merchandise and performance parts on sale from many quality traders.

Early in the piece, all indications suggested that SUMMERNATS 36 had the potential to smash previous records. All 2,500 entrant slots snapped up by May 2023, several months ahead of the event, a clear indicator of the event's escalating popularity and the automotive community's eagerness to showcase their passion projects.


As the countdown to the event moved into single digits, spectator tickets sold out, at which point, the promotors knew that SUMMERNAST 36 would be the biggest in the event's 30+ year history.


The success of SUMMERNATS 36 extended beyond the bounds of Exhibition Park. The Braddon Fringe Festive, an associated event designed to capture the overflow of enthusiasm, attracted 30,000 spectators. This fringe event provided a more accessible yet equally engaging experience for those unable to secure tickets to the main event.


The annual Street Parade was the most visually stunning element of SUMMERNATS 36. This event saw 20,000 spectators lining the streets, craning their necks for a glimpse of the meticulously modified vehicles.


The commercial success of SUMMERNATS 36 was equally noteworthy. Many traders reported selling out of merchandise, highlighting the event's ability to drive business and foster economic activity. This success story was not just about exchanging goods but also about creating opportunities for businesses to get face-to-face with their customers and share their passion for performance.


The overwhelming success of SUMMERNATS 36 sets a high bar for future editions and sends a clear message that the passion for automotive culture is alive and thriving.


As the dust settles on this year's event, the automotive community is already anticipating what SUMMERNATS 37 will bring. But one thing is sure: the legacy of SUMMERNATS 36 will be remembered as a milestone in the event's storied history.

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