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Embracing Trade Events in the Automotive Aftermarket

In an industry as dynamic and ever-evolving as the automotive aftermarket, staying connected and informed is crucial. Trade events like Motorex, AAAE and Summernats are pivotal in driving the industry forward during times of rapid change and technological advancement.


“These gatherings are essential for fostering a sense of community and collaboration within the industry,” says Matt Rice, Director of Media Scrum. “Trade events provide a unique opportunity for professionals to come together, share insights, and explore new opportunities.”


The life of a small business owner can often feel isolating, making the community aspect of trade events more important than ever. “Meeting others at these events, connecting with like-minded individuals who face similar challenges and opportunities, has never been more critical to our working lives,” Matt explained.

The Australian automotive aftermarket sector is a pillar within the wider automotive industry, providing indispensable repair, maintenance, and replacement parts or services.


“As the automotive landscape undergoes profound transformations, embracing sustainability initiatives and adapting to emerging technologies, we are presented with both challenges and opportunities,” said Matt. “The rise of electrification, software-defined vehicles, and remote access to vehicle-generated data heralds a new era of mobility, demanding innovative solutions and new business models.”


This evolution reframes the automotive industry, positioning garages as “businesses first” and leading the professionalism in attracting new talent and conducting business further up the supply chain.


“The critical role of Australia’s independent aftermarket sector is recognised as one of the largest and most diverse in the world,” said Matt.


“Trade events like Motorex are a celebration of our achievements as an industry, and everyone should feel proud to be part of it,” he added.

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