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Updated: Mar 12, 2022

The MotorEx management team have announced that they will partner with Media Scrum to help drive sponsorship and trade sales. The partnership will not only help increase the value of the event, but will also provide traders and sponsors with an increased level of service.

“Over the years we have looked at many different sales models,” said Andy Lopez, managing director, Outthere Productions and owner of Outthere Productions. “But when the team at Media Scrum approached us with their unique offer, it just made commercial sense to partner with them.”

While event promoters can choose from a number of outsourced sales solutions, Media Scrum brings their own unique process to sponsorship acquisition.

“What impressed me the most about the Media Scrum offer was how they worked with us to build a sponsorship asset register across all our events,” said Andy.

Media Scrum’s ability to build a sponsor asset register for event promoters is delivering a new benchmark for sponsor engagement.

“We can now quantify all sponsorship deliverables,” Andy commented. “This removes all the unknowns from our sponsorship packages and ensures our event partners enjoy a measurable return on their investment.”

Founded by industry heavyweights Matt Rice, ex Bauer Media and Trent Dyball, the bloke behind ManBrands, the team at Media Scrum brings more than 40 years of sales and sponsorship acquisition experience to the table.

“After sitting opposite each other for almost longer than either of us would like to remember, we’re both excited about opening this new chapter in our careers,” said Matt.

It would be hard to find a better team, as the duo has a set of complementary skills that provides them with a unique perspective when applied to sponsorship acquisition and management. Matt, selling media in the automotive publishing industry and Trent planning and buying above-the-line media for clients.

“As a media buyer, I’m all about the numbers,” said Trent. “Myself and the team at ManBrands would spend hours combing through media schedules to make sure our clients received the best possible outcomes.

“Over the years, many of my clients shared sponsorship proposals with me and I was always shocked to find how little detail they provided,” Trent remarked. “I was surprised that brands would just throw money at events and sponsorship deals without having a clear understanding of exactly what they would receive for their investment.”

“I knew I could apply the lessons learned buying media and apply them to sponsorship sales and that’s where the idea for Media Scrum was planted,” he added.

As the idea for Media Scrum was growing, Trent knew that to make it a success he’d need a business partner who was not only a crack salesperson in their own right, but one who also had the experience of running a large sales team.

“I was looking for a new challenge and when Trent approached me with his idea, I jumped at the chance,” said Matt. “Together we’ve nurtured what was basically just a good idea into a fully fledged business and to-date the results have exceeded our expectations.”

Focusing primarily on the automotive lifestyle industry, Media Scrum partnered with an impressive series of events, brand ambassadors, podcast and youtube channels to develop an enviable roster of complementary assets to take to market.

In addition to MotorEx, Media Scrum also represents the Australian V8 Superboat Championship as well as an impressive line-up of brand ambassadors that includes AFL legend, Barry Hall.

“We’re both looking forward to a big 2022,” said Matt. “After weathering the COVID storm we know that punters are champing at the bit to get back to the events they love.”

“And we have plans to add more depth to our roster in the near future,” he added.

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