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The team at Media Scrum is excited to announce that they have partnered with brand, activation and experiential marketing specialists, Crowd Culture.

The brainchild of Blake Brunne, Crowd Culture is a brand and activation agency that drives consumer engagement through design, innovation & human connection.

“Crowd Culture has built a reputation based on delivering innovative event activations that set a new benchmark for engagement and resonate long after the event is over,” said Matt Rice, founder and director, Media Scrum.

The partnership will provide sponsors and traders access to Crowd Culture’s broad range of services across the full schedule of events Media Scrum represents.

“We’re committed to increasing the ROI for our sponsors and traders,” said Matt. “We understand their goals and work hand-in-hand with the team at Crowd Culture to ensure their investment at our events delivers measurable and memorable outcomes that drive sales and engagement.”

Following the release of the all-new floor plan for MOTOREX 21, there is no better time to engage with Blake and his team to discuss creating an experience that resonates with your brand's target market.

Blake said, “Allowing your consumers to interact physically with your product or service is powerful. “It can be the difference between a few sales and a few million sales.”

Crowd Culture offer turn-key event solutions and can take care of everything associated with your event activation build. From the design to event execution, the team at Crowd Culture will consider all your event requirements.

“We create cutting-edge custom exhibition stands, pop-up shops, activations for leading brands, and specialise in experiential marketing,” Blake explained.

Experiential marketing is about creating meaningful connections between consumers and brands by creating physical touchpoints, fostering brand loyalty and increasing brand awareness in new demographics.

“Experiential marketing is the most modern of marketing strategies and should be part of any long-term marketing strategy for any business,” said Blake. “It is quickly becoming the preferred method for Brands to engage with consumers.”

In their 2021/2022 Consumer Preferences & Industry Data report, Finances Online reported that 38 per cent of respondents reported that they preferred experiential and events against digital advertising, content marketing and influencer engagement and 91 per cent had a more positive feeling towards a brand after participating in a live event.

“We’re excited to partner with Blake, the team at Crowd Culture,” said Matt. “Working together, we’ll take your vision and design and build a stunning display to create experiences that develop strong relationships with your consumers.”

To find out more about Crowd Culture, visit

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