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Gearheads, gather 'round! We've got news hotter than the rubber on a drag strip. Haltech, the wizards of engine management, is back again as the naming rights partner for the Horsepower Heroes Dyno Comp at SUMMERNATS 36.

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let's not forget that Haltech and SUMMERNATS have been cruising together longer than Thelma and Louise. These two are a SUMMERNATS power couple!

If you've been living under a rock, or maybe just a really big tyre, SUMMERNATS is the Coachella of car festivals, minus the flower crowns and plus a whole lot more engine roar. The Horsepower Heroes dyno competition is the stage on which Australia’s toughest rides battle it out for the crown across several classes including Boosted and Aspirated V8, Six-Cylinder, Four-Cylinder and Rotary.

At SUMMERNATS 35, competition was even stiffer in the MPW Dyno Cell with Barra challenging LS for the top spot. When the dust settled, it was Cody Hunt and his 2009 VE Clubsport sitting at the top of the table.

Laying down 1643hp at the hubs during the finals on Sunday, Cody’s, 427ci, twin-turbo Dart LS wagon took out both the outright win as well as the Eight Cylinder Forced Induction award. The Clubsport is controlled by a Haltech Nexus R5 system and tuned by Aaron from ASG Motorsports.

Richard Shumack, the Marketing Manager of Haltech, couldn't contain his excitement about the announcement of their continued partnership. "This partnership is like putting a monster turbocharger on a big block, and we’ve got something special planned.”

HALTEH have enjoyed a long-term partnership with SUMMERNATS, and this year, they are ramping up their commitment.

“For the first time SUMMERNATS 36, entrants will be able to book their spot on the Horsepower Heroes dyno before the event to ensure they don’t miss out,” Richard explained.

The online Horsepower Heroes registration portal will be launched soon, so keep an eye out for more details!

Not to be outdone, Andy Lopez, Co-Owner of SUMMERNATS, said. "We couldn't be happier to have the legends from Haltech back to headline the Horsepower Heroes dyno comp. It's been an awesome partnership so far.”

Richard Shumack wasn't kidding when he said they are cooking up something special. "We're not just slapping our name on a banner and calling it a day. We'll have hand-picked selection of customer cars on display, with a few hitting the dyno to prove the metal, which will ensure that Horsepower Heroes delivers a sensory overload in the best way possible!"

To sum it up, Haltech's Horsepower Heroes is like adding nitrous to your Nana's minivan, it's going to be an unforgettable ride. Mark your calendars, book your accommodation and get your tickets and don't forget your earplugs. SUMMERNATS 36 is going to be LOUD, and Haltech's making sure of it!

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