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FuelTech has announced that they’ll join the National Drag Racing Championship (NDRC) as the ProMod Broadcast Partner.

FuelTech's reputation is truly international given its long-term sponsorship of the NHRA Pro Mod Drag Racing Series in the United States and the performance of many FuelTech racers worldwide. Their expertise and commitment to the sport of drag racing resonate deeply, making this partnership a natural extension of what they do in the United States.

"ProMod is one of the most innovative and competitive categories in the NDRC,” said Andy Lopez, NDRC co-promoter. “Welcoming a brand like FuelTech amplifies the excitement ProMod already deliver for drag racing fans."

ProMod is characterised by low ETs, side-by-side passes and huge horsepower. For fans, the amalgamation of NDRC's production quality with FuelTech's passion promises an unparalleled viewing experience.

Anderson Dick, the founder of FuelTech, mirrored the excitement, stating, "Our journey with drag racing has been one of dedication and innovation. Joining the NDRC as the ProMod Broadcast Partner is a thrilling next step for us, especially witnessing the positivity and engagement the championship has garnered since its launch only a few short months ago."

The is no doubt that Australian Drag Racing is enjoying a resurgence, and the numbers are hard to ignore.

“Since January 2021, a staggering 12 years of Top Fuel Australia video content has been consumed,” said Andy, “For a metric typically measured in minutes, this speaks volumes to the appeal of Drag Racing as a whole and the quality of the content we’ve produced."

The last round of the Australian Top Fuel Championship saw an astounding 225% surge in minutes viewed compared to the preceding round. This notable rise in viewer engagement speaks volumes about drag racing’s broad appeal. Moreover, the broadcast reported a 170% increase in reach.

“Numbers like these underpin our goal to build drag racing into Australia’s favourite motorsport,” Andy explained. “And with the launch of the NDRC, fans will be treated to even more action.”

The future looks promising, with the NDRC promoters expecting a significant uptick in these numbers. FuelTech's partnership further reinforces the NDRC's commitment to delivering top-tier drag racing action and heart-pounding excitement.

All 11 rounds of the NDRC will be broadcast LIVE and FREE on the 7+ App, ensuring fans don't miss a second of the action.

For those wanting to relive the adrenaline-pumping moments, the entire live broadcast will be available ON DEMAND on the 7+ App. Adding even more depth to the championship’s program, a curated one-hour highlights show from each round will be aired on 7MATE, with the option to stream ON DEMAND from the 7+ App.

Adding a global dimension to its broadcast prowess, the series will also be featured internationally on MAVTV and FloRacing.

“Our goal has always been to push the envelope, whether it's in technological advancement or promoting the sport,” Anderson explained. “Based on the impressive growth Andy and his team have delivered for drag racing to date, we see a future where the sport gains an even wider appeal, reaching households not just in Australia but globally."

To discover more about the NDRC and drag racing in Australia, visit

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