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DEEP DIVE: MOTOREX Delivers ROI for Automotive Brands

MOTOREX has carved a niche for itself by delivering an exceptional Return on Investment (ROI) when compared to other Automotive Aftermarket Trade Expos.

The MOTOREX Advantage:

  • AUDIENCE: MOTOREX boasts an impressive turnout of 9,000 Automotive Professionals and an additional 21,000 Automotive Enthusiasts.

  • INVESTMENT: The average cost per square meter for trade expo space at MotorEx is a competitive $145 + GST.

  • FREQUENCY & DURATION: This annual event spans over two days, ensuring maximum engagement in a condensed timeframe.

In contrast, other automotive tradeshows that attract a similar number of Automotive Professionals frequently exceed $450 + GST per square meter and span three days.

Beyond the numbers, the shorter duration of MOTOREX reduces the associated staffing costs, offering businesses more bang for their buck. It's not just about saving money; it's about making a bold statement.

Businesses have the flexibility to showcase their brand, whether through an indoor trade stand or an engaging outdoor activation. Joining the ranks of 130 top-tier automotive businesses from Australia and the USA, brands have the opportunity to engage with nearly 30,000 enthusiastic attendees.

In today's digital age, social media plays a pivotal role in shaping perceptions and driving engagement. MOTOREX 2023 leveraged this platform effectively, with a whopping 78.4% of attendees recalling promotions and advertisements on social media channels.

This digital engagement was further amplified by collaborations with influencers and platforms like YouTube, ensuring a broad reach and diverse audience.

MotorEx 2023 wasn't just a showcase of automotive marvels; it was a bustling marketplace where commerce thrived. The numbers speak for themselves, painting a picture of an event where attendees were not just passive observers but active participants in the automotive ecosystem.

A significant 41.5% of attendees made purchases from exhibitors at MOTOREX, underscoring the event's commercial appeal. This figure was even more impressive among entrants, with 50.6% indicating they made purchases while attending MOTOREX21.

The products that topped the purchase list include car care, closely followed by clothing and merchandise, and automotive parts. These categories resonated with both attendees and entrants, highlighting the diverse range of offerings at the expo.

When it comes to budgeting for automotive accessories and aftermarket parts, 35.8% of attendees had a preferred range. Among them, the majority (30.0%) had a budget in the $1,001 - $5,000 range.

The entrants were even more decisive in their spending plans. A whopping 81.0% had a preferred budget range for automotive accessories and aftermarket parts. And among them, 41.9% were most likely to allocate between $1,001 and $5,000 for their purchases.

Attendees at MotorEx are serious about their automotive passion, with an average annual spend of $8,661 on aftermarket modifications and upgrades. Notably, just under 50% of these respondents indicated they would spend more than $4,000 annually.

Entrants, on the other hand, showcased a diverse spending pattern. On average, they spend $6,734 per annum on vehicle repairs and maintenance. When it comes to aftermarket modifications and upgrades, their average annual expenditure skyrockets to $14,448. It's worth noting that nearly 60% of these respondents are willing to spend more than $4,000 per annum on these upgrades.

In the words of Heath Moore from Harrop Engineering Australia Pty Ltd, "MOTOREX is the leading aftermarket performance show in Australia and is a great opportunity to showcase our diverse range of locally designed and manufactured performance products."

MOTOREX21 is a testament to the passion and commitment of the automotive community. The spending patterns of attendees and entrants highlight the value they see in the products and services showcased.

One thing is clear: MOTOREX is not just about passion; it's about commerce, innovation, and a community that's willing to invest in its love for all things automotive.

MOTOREX isn't just another automotive expo, it's a strategic investment with proven ROI. For businesses looking to make a mark in the automotive world, MOTOREX is a must attend.


MOTOREX#21 Event Post Report CLICK HERE


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